Welcome Words by the Chair of the Technologists Committee

Dear colleagues and friends,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the 36th EANM Annual Congress in Vienna on behalf of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Technologists Committee.

The last congress was the first to take place on-site in three years, and I am still hugely grateful for its success and your involvement as EANM members and congress attendees. Much more will be delivered at the EANM’23 Annual Congress, where we will once again be able to meet face-to-face and take advantage of the vital social aspect that such occasions offer. As the Chair of the Technologists Committee, I would like to thank you for your kind acknowledgement of our efforts as well as your precious words of encouragement with respect to the further improvement of the Technologists’ Track.

The Technologists Committee is organising a full programme, the Technologists’ Track, which is not only dedicated to technologists but also to any aspect of the nuclear medicine field. Every year, top professionals from each area present the most relevant content to you in accordance with the most recent scientific communications.

Several topics will be discussed during the upcoming Technologists’ Track to furnish you with the cutting-edge knowledge you require from the field of nuclear medicine. These include head and neck updates, prostate cancer theranostics, radiotherapy planning using PET-CT & PET-MR modalities, and the all-important patient care in nuclear medicine. And this is just a small sample of the excellent content we have prepared for you. Furthermore, an opening session dedicated to the launch of our yearly publication, the Technologists’ Guide, is being prepared. Finally, we hope that three practical mini-courses will improve your skills and provide an additional and valuable professional experience.

The relevance of your work will be acknowledged during the e-poster and oral presentations, which are always included as part of our programme. As in recent years, we expect these sessions to be of very high quality and offer useful means to promote and share knowledge. As an additional motivating factor, an award will be given to the best oral and e-poster presentations.

You can always catch up with the Technologists Committee members during the congress to discuss your concerns, ideas and needs. We are always ready to listen to the people we actually work for — you.

Agata Pietrzak
Chair, EANM Technologists Committee


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